Friday, December 2, 2011

Arguments Against Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding has been a constant debate in our society. Some people are completely against it, while others don't understand what the big deal is about it. I'm going to fill you on a little bit on what both sides have to say about it .

One big argument against breastfeeding in public is that other bodily functions are hidden from the public, like sex, urinating, and defecation, so breastfeeding should be, as well. Others say this is ludicrous. Sex is an intimate act that is just for the two people involved so it's private. Breastfeeding is not a sexual act, but simply giving the nutrition that is required to a baby. As far as the urination and defecation, that's a sanitation and odor issue, but again, breast milk doesn't smell and it's not hazardous in any way.

Another argument is not that they're against the act of breastfeeding, but they believe it should be done in private - it's a private bonding between mother and child. Some think that it is a display of nudity. But with the constant display of skin exposure in magazines, billboards, television, and pretty much every where else in our society, it's hard for the ones that think it's okay to understand why a little skin is so atrocious.

Basically, it appears that the biggest arguments include people don't think it's appropriate to "show off" their breasts in public, even if it does mean feeding their children. Some of those people don't understand why those moms can't just bring a bottle when they're out and about, rather than having to breastfeed.

Many mothers that do breastfeed believe there is a way to do so discretely, without attracting attention. They don't feed their children through bottles, yet, because they know that this is the best option for their baby at this particular point in their life. They don't think they should be punished or told how to raise their children.

So which side are you on? Do you think it's horribly wrong to breastfeed in public, or do you think it's a natural, normal thing for women to do for their babies?